2025 Nissan Murano Release Date, Redesign

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2025 Nissan Murano Release Date, Redesign. The new 2025 Nissan Murano will get a lot of changes. It is a mid-size crossover SUV that has a good reputation and is known for having a great ride. Furthermore, the interior is very sporty, with very supportive seats providing a higher level of comfort. This makes Murano a good example for family trips and is generally a good family SUV.

Is it going to be completely redesigned? If so, we don’t think there will be any doubt that it will have a lot of different features. Both mechanically and cosmetically, we anticipate a completely new design. If the transmission is changed, there is a chance that the engine will stay the same, but the transmission will be different for sure. There will also be a whole new look for the cabin and the most up-to-date technology in it.

2025 Nissan Murano Release Date, Redesign

2025 Nissan Murano Under the Hood

If the new 2025 Nissan Murano has the same powertrain lineup. This is the same 3.5-liter V6 engine, producing 260 horsepower. On the other hand, it could have more power in the next version. Because of this, there will also be many changes. One of these changes is that there will be a new gearbox.

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The CVT transmission will be replaced by a 9-speed automatic transmission. This isn’t very exciting. This change is sure to improve the ride. Besides, some sources say that there could also be a hybrid model out there.

2025 Nissan Murano Release Date, Redesign

Nissan Murano Exterior Redesign

The upcoming 2025 Nissan Murano will have a wheelbase of 111.2 inches, just like the one that came out before it. The overall dimensions may shift slightly, but the fundamental layout is likely to remain unchanged. We can’t wait to see what Nissan plans to change in terms of exterior design.

The manufacturer is almost certain to use the brand’s new design language, which was first used on cars like the Pathfinder and Rogue. There are some reports that it will have a slightly sloping roof that younger fans will like for sure. The front end should look a lot like the new Pathfinder. However, let’s wait for the official details.

2025 Nissan Murano Release Date, Redesign

Interior Gets Significant Upgrades

We think the 2025 Nissan Murano will have the same space inside the cabin. There is already a lot of space in the current model, so we don’t think there will be a lot more space in the next model. As for the cargo area, it would almost certainly be better. The sloping roof design should increase the interior headroom. While the amount of space inside will stay the same, we think the look will be very different.

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When you look at the dashboard in Murano’s modern cabin, you can see that it was made from scratch and is very modern. Besides new shapes and materials, we also expect to see a lot of changes in terms of standard and optional features. There is a lot of high-tech equipment, but Murano also looks great and is very comfortable. It’s already a very comfortable crossover-SUV, but a new one could be even better than the one we already have! Last but not least, Nissan will give you the best driver-assistance tools and a new infotainment system, among other things.

2025 Nissan Murano Release Date, Redesign

2025 Nissan Murano Price and Release Date

There will now be a small price increase for the new 2025 Nissan Murano. It will now cost $34,000. This mid-size crossover SUV is scheduled to arrive in dealerships this summer. Nissan will give more information in the next few weeks. Hopefully, the Murano will be able to have a hybrid powertrain as an option, which could be a real game-changer.

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