Stunning Executive Condominiums Developed by Private Developers


Often, there has been a serious debate that revolves around Executive Condominiums and regular flats. Most of the citizens are opting for them and in most cases, this is done because of the amenities that are made available for the condo owners as opposed to the flats as we know them. A pool is one of the most popular features of a condominium and Executive Condominiums are no different. Also, the mere thought of living within an Executive Condominium gives one some sense of prestige and class and more people are opting for them.

Even though there are some potential drawbacks of Executive Condominiums, the advantages are very many as well. The fact that they have become so popular should mean something. Even with the imposition of various restrictions, more and more developments seem to be emerging everywhere we look. We ought to be grateful as someone is putting some sense to the crazy world of accommodation in the sense that Executive Condominiums are multi-unit establishments housing hundreds at a time. They are also made in different sizes so as to be able to satisfy the market demand from singles, couples, families and multi-tree families. This is housing that makes sense.

What are Executive condos?

To be able to appreciate them, it is important to know what they are. They are the sandwich class flats that can include mansionettes, DBSS and HUDC. When you think about the sandwich properties, the HBD acts like a subway to the developers.

The executive condominiums are designed just like your regular condo. Developers who carry out the projects are usually private ones. The only difference between the regular condos and the Executive Condominium is the lease which isn’t freehold but covers a period of 99 years. One of the things you should know is that you can apply for a housing grant just as is the case with the normal condos.

What do Executive Condominiums look like

Most of the Executive Condominium developments are iconic structures that stand out in the areas that they are being set up in. Since most of the projects are carried out by private developers, the condos are on point and made with great taste. Usually, the whole process involves lots of people, including the developers and designers so as to make sure that every small aspect of the establishment is catered for as appropriate.

Depending on the design of the establishments, you may find that some have several blocks with many storeys up. Others are towers while others include bungalows and semi detached houses. This means that one can easily find the kind of unit that can work for them and cover all their needs.

There are many unit types that one can access and they come in all sizes including the 1 plus study, to the five bedroom options. The fact that Executive Condominiums have got full and comprehensive condominium facilities means that they are an amazing selection for all the family sizes and also for couples.

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