Canadian Atlantic Coast Properties Attract American Settlers


The residential, commercial and recreational properties of the Canadian Atlantic Coast are increasingly drawing larger number of American settlers to the area. The slowdown in the American economy and consequent effect on employment and income is driving Americans to seek livelihood elsewhere and Atlantic Coast of Canada lucrative is offering lucrative deals.

This trend is primarily due to the availability of suitable land in Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Land is still available in plenty in these places which can be used for residential purposes and commercial undertakings. The property taxes levied by these provinces are significantly less than those in American towns. These provinces are located adjacent to Maine, which makes it convenient for Americans from New England and other neighbouring areas to settle there.

The lower proper taxes are also giving an impetus to start capital ventures and recreational resorts in these areas. While the property taxes in most parts of America average about 3%, in Canadian above provinces the tax is only 1% for the initial $ 200,000 and for the remaining it is 2%. This amounts to a significant savings.

These areas are ideal for starting recreational ventures. The coast is perfect for surfing especially during the period from August to November since the swells are consistent and the surfers can even do a hang ten. All these provinces have scenic and beautiful national parks with a variety of flora and fauna. The Kejimkujik and Cape Breton Highlands National Park, famous for its natural beauty, is located in Nova Scotia. The national park in Prince Edward Island contains the L.M. Montgomery Cavendish National Historical Site having Green Gables. Fundy National Park, a favourite of Oceanographers due to the magnitude of high and low tides and Kouchibouguac national park known for its tern population are in New Brunswick province.

All these provinces have warm and humid summers and snowy winters. The Atlantic currents have a beneficial effect on the climate of these provinces and limit the severity of seasons. The fact which attracts Americans is that the climate is similar to that of New England.

The prices of land in Nova Scotia are significantly less than that of American cities. You can get a 5.5 acre plot of land in prime location in Nova Scotia for about $ 30,000, whereas a similar piece of land can cost three times more in Texas Hill Country. Due to isolation and smaller size land price in Prince Edward Island is slightly higher.

All these make Canadian Atlantic Provinces ideal for those who are looking for suitable land for settlement.

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