Wouldn’t You, Prefer To, Sell Your House, FASTER?


When the time, comes, when a homeowner, decides, it’s the right time, to put his house, on the real estate market, in order to sell it, in the vast majority of cases, he wants to do so, in the shortest period of time, at the best possible price, with a minimum of stress and hassle. A wise homeowner takes the time, to thoroughly interview, potential real estate agents, before he hires one! One question, he should ask, is, how, one’s approach, might get the house, sold, FASTER, than the average agent. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, this concept, using the mnemonic approach.

1. Face facts; fruition: Remember, it’s not the proposed, listing price, which will achieve a client’s objectives, but, rather, what, the house, sells for! One should opt, for an agent, who is willing to face the facts, realistically, based on the competition, specific housing market, and specific client’s priorities, needs, etc. How will someone, bring the desired results, to fruition?

2. Attention; analysis; attitude: Since each property has certain nuances, great agents must pay keen attention, to the specifics, after conducting a thorough analysis, which evaluates relative strengths, weaknesses, features, etc. When a homeowner’s property is represented, by someone, with a positive, can – do, attitude, he is able to look at reasons, to become stronger, throughout, the eventual stresses, and strains, of the real estate transaction period.

3. System; solutions; strengths: How might one agent’s system, be better, for a specific owner, and house, than another? How well does it, identify, examine, and consider the actual strengths, of the property (interior and the grounds), and use them, to promote and market, it, to the public? When the marketing, seems challenged, by certain obstacles, challenges, and weaknesses, the approach, and quality/ focus of the solutions, is a major key, to the results!

4. Timely; trends: There is no place, for procrastination, in meaningful, real estate representation! One must respond, in a well – considered, timely manner, to each, and every challenge, concern, question, obstacle, etc. He must respond, quickly, to inquiries, etc. In addition, one must consider, does the specific house, fulfill the trends, desired by today’s buyers?

5. Empathy; energy; emphasis; excellence: During the interviewing, and hiring process, pay particular attention, to whether, a potential agent, effectively listens, and learns. in order to effectively, serve and represent your needs, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! The degree of one’s energy, especially, during stressful times, as well as where he places his emphasis, are key factors. Hire someone who demands his utmost degree of personal excellence, rather than settling for good – enough!

6. Relevant; responsive; realistic; reach out: In order to provide realistic, quality representation, you need someone, who considers relevant needs, and is, consistently, responsive, to them! He must reach out, in a welcoming manner, to make a true difference, for the better!

Most homeowners seek to have their house, sold, FASTER, if at all, possible! Identify, someone, who will get the job, done, for you!

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